"If you are looking for a memorable summer that will help you prepare for your career, show you a different side of medicine, and allow you to enjoy a new country with an expert guide, you shouldn't miss this trip .... The program encompassed a perfect mix of clinical work, free time, and unique cultural activities that the lay traveler simply could not access."


- Zach Solomon, medical student participant, Baylor College of Medicine


Study Program


Interhealth South America has been coordinating study and service programs in Ecuador for North American health professions students and resident physicians since the decade of the 1990s. The program encompasses direct patient care, as well as an onsite introduction to Ecuadorian and South American primary, community, and public health services. In addition, emphasis is placed on medical Spanish language acquisition, with practical skills development in patient interviewing and examination. The format provides guided group and individual clinic experiences and service in global health, coordinated with immersion language learning.


Program Objectives


Participants are introduced to key principles in the practice of medicine and service beyond North America, and provided an interpretative framework for current and future individual clinic and other healthcare. The course location in Ecuador allows opportunities for interactions and work with local practitioners serving at-risk populations in a variety of natural environments. Supplementary seminars bridge ideas and potential applications for domestic health care, in addition to work overseas. Specialized language training, and patient interviewing, examination, and diagnosing in Spanish throughout the time of the program are as well are of considerable clinical utility at home.


Service Orientation


Interhealth South America provides direct ongoing support of Ecuadorian organizations in their efforts with community health development. Through interactions with health professionals, student and resident physician participants work in patient care and community-based programs in resource-scarce environments.


Program Elements


* Participation in individualized clinic and hospital activities


* Patient care in group health brigades in urban and rural underserved communities


* Observation of local practitioners’ work in primary and community health programs


* Interactive participation in traditional/indigenous health activities


* Seminar and participatory introduction to problems of healthcare provision in South America


* Health study tours of Andes Mountains and Amazon River basin rain forest sites demonstrating a variety of natural and human-created environments


* Medical Spanish language instruction


* Introduction to patient interviewing and examination techniques in Spanish


* Family Homestay for a portion of the program


Interhealth South America

30404 Holly Drive USF

Tampa, Florida 33620








Flexible Modules

Summer 2023 


* Module 1, June 18- July 1

(weeks 1-2)


* Module 2, June 18-July 8

(weeks 1-3)


* Module 3, June 18-July 15

(weeks 1-4)


* Module 4, June 18-July 22

(weeks 1-5)


* Module 5, July 1-15 (weeks 3-4)


* Module 6, July 1-22 (weeks 3-5)