"It is difficult to express in words how deeply I enjoyed the trip to Ecuador as a meaningful way to spend the majority of my summer after my first year of medical school. Interhealth South America satisfied my desires for traveling, passion for medicine, and at the same time my personal interest in foreign cultures ....

I can say I learned more speaking skills in a short four weeks of medical Spanish study and immersion in the local culture than I had in eight previous years of language classes in the U.S."


-- Zach Eggebrecht, medical student participant, Indiana University School of Medicine


"Going into this program in Ecuador, I really had no idea what to expect. I ended up leaving a month later with a vastly altered view of the Ecuadorian people, culture, and society. This program appeared to be advertised mainly as a medical mission trip, but ended up being so much more.

Dr. Wedemeyer does an amazing job of drawing students not only into a medical environment, but also a cultural and social milieu, which I found to be its most intriguing aspect. What other trips or vacations do you go on where you have the opportunity to help treat extremely impoverished communities in mountain regions, take part in an intensive sweat lodge ceremony, and explore one of the largest open-air markets in the world all in the same week? ….

I will never forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience and all of the friends I made along the way."


-- Scott O’Brien, medical student participant, Indiana University School of Medicine














September-October Special Session,

4 Weeks, Dates TBA





Format I:


Set Session


Jan 30 - February 26



Format II:

Flexible Modules


* Module 1, June 11-25 (weeks 1-2)


* Module 2, June 11-July 2 (weeks 1-3)


* Module 3, June 11-July 9 (weeks 1-4)


* Module 4, June 11-July 16 (weeks 1-5)


* Module 5, June 11-July 23 (weeks 1-6)


* Module 6, July 2-23 (weeks 4-6)