Because emphasis is placed on group-oriented and service processes with significant interaction among those taking part, director Don Wedemeyer is attentive that all aspects of the program will meet goals and objectives of individual participants. For this reason he discusses program details in depth by telephone with each prospective applicant.




1. Current health professions student or resident physician


2. Interest in taking part in international education programs in a group context


3. No previous study of Spanish language required


Interhealth South America

30404 Holly Drive USF

Tampa, Florida 33620



2021 Calendar


The current calendar is contingent upon developments in personal safety during the pandemic


* Module 1, June 12-26 (weeks 1-2)


* Module 2, June 12-July 3 (weeks 1-3)


* Module 3, June 12-July 10 (weeks 1-4)


* Module 4, June 12-July 17 (weeks 1-5)


* Module 5, June 12-July 24 (weeks 1-6)


* Module 6, July 3-24 (weeks 4-6)